Oct. 26, 2007
Original Idea Showcased at the 8th Karakuri Kaizen Mechanism Exhibition

Futaba Kogyo participated in the Karakuri Kaizen Mechanism Exhibition, which was held for two days (October 25-26, 2007) in Nagoya. We showcased our “Yoki ni Kaeru” product, which removes empty part containers and returns them with a single pedaling motion-the name, meaning “cheerfully return,” is a play on words with yoki implying the two meanings of “cheerful” and “container.” Manufacturing floor workers utilize their wisdom, get their handles dirty, leverage power sources and make full use of available mechanisms. If employees think for themselves and achieve greater kaizen (improvements), they can enhance their knowledge and skills, which further vitalizes the organization as a whole.


Sep. 26, 2007
Technical Assistance Contract Signed with Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd.

At the Futaba Kogyo headquarters, we signed a pressed parts technical assistance contract with Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd. (TSESA), a Thai automotive parts manufacturer.
In addition to our joint venture efforts in Nanjing, China, we are further expanding our global activities through technical support and assistance.


Apr. 01, 2007
Futaba Kogyo Begins Provision of Management Reorganization Support for HIROSHIMA SEIKEN KOGYO CO., LTD.

As of April 1, HIROSHIMA SEIKEN KOGYO CO., LTD. has been acquired as a subsidiary of Futaba Kogyo Co., Ltd. Moving forward, we plan to provide management reorganization guidance for HIROSHIMA SEIKEN KOGYO to increase numbers of orders, reduce costs and so forth while also utilizing both companies’ strengths to expand product offerings and bolster the future competitive strength of the Group as a whole.