Dec. 04, 2018
Received a letter of appreciation from Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda held the Supplier quality award ceremony on December 4.
We were highly appreciated for the fact that we made a lot of efforts to improve the quality for Mazda vehicles.
We will continue to work on further quality improvement without satisfying the current situation.



Nov. 07, 2018
Accepted a high school student internship

From late July to mid-October, we accepted internship for high school students at Kabe, Sakurae and Hofu Plants.
The program was a schedule of 2 to 3 days. After receiving safety education at the workplace, the students experienced a series of work including welding work, practicing operation of industrial robots, product inspection etc.
Through this experience, they commented  as”I understood the content of the work well. I get more and more interested in this job.”,”I want to make use of this experience even at school.”
Next year, we plan to accept  internship again at all of our plants including Hiroshima plant.
By having many people experience the pleasures of “monozukuri”, we hope to contribute to the ability improvement of local youth.


Oct. 29, 2018
Hiroshima Southeast Rotary Club visiting us

On October 29, the member of  Hiroshima Southeast Rotary Club visited our Kabe plant.
It was our first time to present our facility to local top people in different industries.
We explained the company’s origin, management philosophy, comfortable workplace initiatives, etc.
At the worksite, participants took a tour of the features as a plant specialized in instrument panel members.
They also learned about our neighborhood-friendly noise countermeasures, green areas as well as  employee education and IoT efforts.
Customers visit us like this time, which brings us a good opportunity to unite all employee together and improvement activities accelerate. Thank you for visiting us.


Oct. 13, 2018
The 40th Sports event

On October 13, the autumn annual sports event was held at Sakurae plant grand.
Employees and their families participated from all plants. Team members were organized randomly and enjoyed playing ground-golf and tennis.
After playing sports, we had BBQ of delicious Shimane beef and  miso soup with pork and vegitable.
We also enjoyed the conversation and had a wonderful time.
it was nice and sunny day and we had a good opportunity to refresh both mind and body.



Jul. 17, 2018
FY2018, Received the Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare’s Incentive Award

On 21st June, the winners were announced for “The Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare’s Incentive Award for Safety for Excellent Workplace, Organization or a Person”. This award is given to business establishments across Japan of which the level of safety is excellent and it is recognized as another model.
This year 17 business establishments were selected as incentive awards. Among them, only our Sakurae plant received it in Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu area.
On 17th July, the award ceremony was held at Shimane prefecture Matsue district joint government building, and received “The Labor Bureau Chief’s Incentive Award for Safety from the Shimane Labor Bureau”. The Sakura plant has continued improving activities to build a comfortable workplace in order to secure employee safety and health. It is awarded as a result of comprehensive evaluation that no plant closure by accidents have been occurred for more than 10 years.
We will continue to create a comfortable workplace all the same regardless of the current situation.


Photo  Photo Photo

Jun. 21, 2018
The factory tour by High school students
As a part of learning of monozukuri, 33 high school students in the mechanics department visited our Ozu plant to see the manufacturing process of automobile parts.
After the explanation of the company profile, students were divided into two groups. The managers of the manufacturing department provided them the factory tour, they could actually see the site of the machine equipment and work. We introduced about our other plant by showing VTR. One of our employee who is the graduate of this high school also talked about his work and experience. In Q&A time, what a pleasing thing, there were active questions from students so that we needed to extend the scheduled time.
It was great chance for us too to see their positive attitude towards monozukuri.
I hope that this tour was a valuable experience for them and will help when they choose and decide their career in the future.
Jun. 03, 2018
Join “Mazda Open Day 2018”

On June 2 and 3, sunny weekend, “Mazda Open Day 2018” was held at the headquarters of Mazda Co., Ltd. Following the last year, we set up a booth along the“Monozukuri ROAD”, organized mainly by local suppliers, an arcade featuring craftmanship and manufacturing, where visitors can enjoy exhibition and workshop.
The workshop we offered was creating can badges and key holders in order to introduce about stamping work. Visitors made their original ones with pictures drawn by theirself. Lots of family gathered to our booth and enjoyed monozukuri from adults to kids. We also gave out balloons, popular for kids, and paper fans we made for first time.
Our booth ended in great success with more visitors than last year. It was a good opportunity to engage with the people around as a supplier who marks history and creates a brand with Mazda .
We appreciated that so many visitors had a good time with us.

May. 26, 2018
The 39th annual Sports Day

We held the annual Spring Sports Day at the Sakurae plant’s ground on Saturday, May 26.
A total of 113 people including new employees participated. It was a wonderful sunny day, we played tennis and grand golf. All team members were excited when nice plays came out and we spent a relaxing and enjoyable time.
After playing sports, we had a BBQ. We formed a team with other plants people who normally have less chance to see each other. Playing sports and eating delicious meal together. By sharing precious time, we were able to deepen our friendship. It was a good opportunity for new employees to become familiar with the new environment.
Through the event, we work for our employee to be refreshed and motivated.

May. 15, 2018
Notice-Rebuilding of headquarters

Our headquarters(4 Oozu Minami-ku Hiroshima) has been in operation for a long time, since 1954, for 64 years. Because of the aging of the building, we decided to rebuild the whole of it.
We appreciate patronage and support of our business partners and neighboring areas including Mazda Co, Ltd.
The new building will consider the surrounding environment, compared to our Kabe plant built in 2014, with even lower noise and higher efficiency.

From the left「Shintoism Ground ceremony 26th April」「Complete image」

Apr. 02, 2018
Year 2018 The welcoming celemonis for new employees

Futaba Kogyo has hired 19 of fresh new employees. (2 technical, 17 engineer)
In the season of cherry blossoms April 2, the welcoming ceremony was held at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima with the President and Director, Mr.Yoshida and executive officers and managers. The ceremony was relaied from the venue to all sites of Futaba Kogyo office and plants.

Mr.Yoshida sent a message of hope and encouragement to new employees as follows.
It’s important to clearly understand our policies, philosophy and conduct code. I hope for your happiness. I want you to accumulate good deeds by devoting yourself in the spirit of service to others instead of being self-centered. The biggest change to the car industry in a century is about to occur. We set a company policy for this year “Change Again!”. To get over this difficulty, we place the emphasis on “people” and have tried to strengthen human resource development. The human resource is who can challenge changes. Anticipating the ever-changing environment, let’s change the company together.

Several sort of trainings and education is to be held for 2 weeks such as general manners and attitude, safety and quality and welding method. (The assigned location will be decided after practical training on each plants until end of May)
With passionate newcomers, we commit ourselves to making a fresh start in the upcoming term.