Nov. 02, 2019
The 42nd Autumn Sports Day

On Saturday, November 2nd, the annual autumn Sports Day was held at the Sakurae Factory, while the leaves of the trees were brilliantly colored.
A total of 103 people participated, including new 6 Vietnamese trainees, who were assigned to the Kabe Factory.  We played ground golf, tennis and dodgeball. The dodgeball, the first attempt of this time, games got heated and all players from small children to adults were enjoyed and excited. After playing sports, we had BBQ of delicous meat for lunch. We also had hot pork-miso-soup, perfect for cold season, and tako-yaki (dumpling ball with chopped octopus inside) by a food truck.  Sharing time with staff who usually have few opportunities to see each other, we were able to deepen our friendship and spent a very productive time.



Nov. 01, 2019
The Extension work of the Hofu Factory

The extension work of the Hofu Factory, which started in January this year, has been completed. 
We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our customers and many other related parties.
The Hofu Factory aims to be a comfortable factory suitable for the 21st century. For this reason, we are working to minimize logistics costs and carry in assembly order using AGV.
In the future, this expansion will improve production efficiency in response to Mazda’s new generation product lineup.  We take on the challenge of becoming a factory that can provide even more value for instrument panel members and body parts.


Oct. 24, 2019
The new “MAZDA CX-30” Released

  Sales of the new MAZDA CX-30 started on October 24.

  This new model is also loaded with some of Futaba Kogyo products. Such as our major product, an instrument panel member(the steering member) and various body-shell parts. An instrument panel member is that one of important part of the steering function and our company specializes in manufacturing it.
  As for new generation model, called the products group of the 7th, functions required for instrument panel members increase to adjust the CASE. In mass production, dimensional accuracy has been highly improved. According to these results, along with Mazda’s brand strategy, a texture of a cockpit has been dramatically improved.  Our proposal, as a specialty manufacturer, has also been adopted.

  We continue to provide high quality and precision products that meet customers’ demands.



Sep. 09, 2019
Internship program

We provided an internship program for university students (in sience/technincal) for 2 weeks, from 26th August to 6th September .
This time, they had a manufacturing experience, “monozukuri”, focus on filler lid panels (an external stamping part to cover fuel filler area).  They took lectures at some departments to learn a series of job operations from development to manufacturing with using actural parts.
After the program completed, students said ” I was able to see directly the attitude of employees who faced people and products seriously.   I had a new perspective on cars and work. ” “In a long period of 2 weeks, I was able to feel the workplace more familiar. Taking this opportunity, my future prospects became clearer.”
We will continue to work on the program to provide a chance for students to get to know actual workplace.


Jul. 22, 2019
The completion ceremony of the head factory

The completion ceremony was held on July 20, as the rebuilding work of the head factory was completed. The head factory had been in operation since May 1954. It got older as years pass by, even though we did additional construction and repairs to it as needed.
Last October, we had started construction for rebuilding , and all works were just completed.
We have been working on various revolutionary changes since 2001. The rebuilding this time means for us is the final stage of change.
We have just got the new era Reiwa, but the situation surrounding us is becoming increasingly severe because of the shrinking of the domestic market and the declining of the population etc.
To adapt to this situation, this rebuilding is as a new start of a new stage of changes, we will continue to take on challenges.
We highly appreciate all the support and understandings from the people involved.  


Jun. 03, 2019
Joined “MAZDA OPEN DAY2019”

  “MAZDA OPEN DAY 2019” was held at the headquarters of Mazda Co., Ltd on June 2 and 3.
We set up a booth along the“Monozukuri Road”, organized mainly by local suppliers. Each suppliers arranged booth and provided exhibition and workshop to introduce own company and products . The event was full of hospitality to have visitors enjoy it.  The workshop we offered was creating can badges. We also gave original designed paper-funs and eco-bags to visitors. A lot of them were pleased with our presents, and our booth was a great deal of excitement.

The event was the fourth time this year. Next year, Mazda is the 100th anniversary of its founding. As a partner company, together with Mazda, we will grow into a company that can open up the future.

May. 27, 2019
Mazda Vehicle Exhibition and Test-drive Event and Hoyu-kai Festival

Mazda Vehicle Exhibition and Test-drive Event and Hoyu-kai Festival was held in Nishinoura area of Mazda Hofu Plant on Sunday, May 26.
Mazda, together with Hoyu-kai and Yamaguchi Mazda, planned various events in order to entertain the Hoyu-Kai member companies and their family. The events included test-drive, performances on stage, “Monodzukuri” experience workshop and others. A total of 1,661 people brought more excitement to the festival than usual.
There were also an exhibition and test drive of the MAZDA3 that was just launched to sale on May 24. It was a good opportunity to experience the MAZDA3 by actually seeing, touching and riding. Our Hofu factory staff opened a food booth of flavored shaved ice etc.
It was great chance for us to get to know Hoyu-Kai member we didn’t know. The unity between partners also have become stronger through the event. Hope we can contribute to promote regional development by keeping this unity.

※Hoyu-kai: an association of Mazda’s partner companies in Hofu area.


May. 24, 2019
The new “MAZDA 3” Released

Sales of the new MAZDA 3 started on May 24. This is the first release from the products group of the 7th generation of Mazda. It is equipped with some of Futaba Kogyo products. Such as our major product, the instrument panel member(the steering member) and various body-shell parts.
This new car uses cold-stamped vehicle body parts made from 1310MPa-class high-tensile steel, which is the world’s first (according to Mazda’s in-house research). Among parts made from it, the No. 2 cross members on the front floor of a vehicle are our products. It contributes to reducing the weight of the vehicle, reducing fuel consumption, and improving collision safety performance.
Our technical staff said, “Compared to general materials, 1310MPa-class high-tensile steel has poor shape freezeability and is easy to crack because of poor stretchability. So we had to repeate trial and error in making molds. In addition, high-tensile grade goes up with each model change, and formability gets more and more difficult. However, in co-creation activities with Mazda, we were able to propose the optimal shape based on the development know-how and simulation technology we learnt through past experience.”
We continue to provide high quality and precision products that meet customers’ demands.


May. 01, 2019
Regional corporation:Western Japan floods of July, 2018

   In July 2018, devastating floods and mudflows caused by torrential rain hit western Japan.
We recently received a letter of appreciation from the public organization for our volunteer activities to support recovery and reconstruction from the disaster.
We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of the floods and hope for a rapid recovery for both the people and areas affected by this disaster.

Apr. 01, 2019
Year 2019 The welcoming ceremonies for new employees

The 29 of fresh new employees has joined us.(graduates of university 4, high school 23)
In the season of cherry blossoms April 1, the last welcoming ceremony of the Heisei era, was held at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima with the President and Director, Mr.Yoshida and executive officers and managers. The ceremony was relayed from the venue to all sites of Futaba Kogyo office and factories.
Mr.Yoshida sent a message of hope and encouragement to new employees as follows.
“The biggest change to the car industry in a century is about to occur. Hope we can develop human resources who can develop new technologies and products in a new era. Anticipating the ever-changing environment, let’s change the company together.”
Several sort of trainings and education was provided to them for 2 weeks such as general manners and attitude, safety and quality and welding method. (The assigned location will be decided after practical training on each departments until end of June.)
In the new era Reiwa, with passionate newcomers, we all come together and challenge to change.

                                         The executive officers new employees
                                               (at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima )