Dec. 14, 2017
The new crossover SUV “Mazda CX-8” Released

Sales of the new crossover SUV Mazda CX-8 has commenced on December 14.
The new CX-8 incorporates a Futaba Kogyo steering member (instrument panel member), one of the Company’s key products, as well as our front and rear bumper reinforcement, suspension housing reinforcement, fuel lid and fuel box, and other body shell parts.
With the goal of achieving vehicle weight reductions, we diversified our use of high-tensile-strength steel plate materials and implemented advanced press molding techniques to achieve stable product quality.
Furthermore, we implemented steady improvements such as enhancing yield rates to save resources and reduce costs, enabling us to make significant contributions in terms of environmental conservation.
*The part name “Reinforcement” is shown as “Rainf” for short.