Jul. 22, 2019
The completion ceremony of the head factory

The completion ceremony was held on July 20, as the rebuilding work of the head factory was completed. The head factory had been in operation since May 1954. It got older as years pass by, even though we did additional construction and repairs to it as needed.
Last October, we had started construction for rebuilding , and all works were just completed.
We have been working on various revolutionary changes since 2001. The rebuilding this time means for us is the final stage of change.
We have just got the new era Reiwa, but the situation surrounding us is becoming increasingly severe because of the shrinking of the domestic market and the declining of the population etc.
To adapt to this situation, this rebuilding is as a new start of a new stage of changes, we will continue to take on challenges.
We highly appreciate all the support and understandings from the people involved.