Nov. 02, 2019
The 42nd Autumn Sports Day

On Saturday, November 2nd, the annual autumn Sports Day was held at the Sakurae Factory, while the leaves of the trees were brilliantly colored.
A total of 103 people participated, including new 6 Vietnamese trainees, who were assigned to the Kabe Factory.  We played ground golf, tennis and dodgeball. The dodgeball, the first attempt of this time, games got heated and all players from small children to adults were enjoyed and excited. After playing sports, we had BBQ of delicous meat for lunch. We also had hot pork-miso-soup, perfect for cold season, and tako-yaki (dumpling ball with chopped octopus inside) by a food truck.  Sharing time with staff who usually have few opportunities to see each other, we were able to deepen our friendship and spent a very productive time.