Apr. 02, 2018
Year 2018 The welcoming celemonis for new employees

Futaba Kogyo has hired 19 of fresh new employees. (2 technical, 17 engineer)
In the season of cherry blossoms April 2, the welcoming ceremony was held at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima with the President and Director, Mr.Yoshida and executive officers and managers. The ceremony was relaied from the venue to all sites of Futaba Kogyo office and plants.

Mr.Yoshida sent a message of hope and encouragement to new employees as follows.
It’s important to clearly understand our policies, philosophy and conduct code. I hope for your happiness. I want you to accumulate good deeds by devoting yourself in the spirit of service to others instead of being self-centered. The biggest change to the car industry in a century is about to occur. We set a company policy for this year “Change Again!”. To get over this difficulty, we place the emphasis on “people” and have tried to strengthen human resource development. The human resource is who can challenge changes. Anticipating the ever-changing environment, let’s change the company together.

Several sort of trainings and education is to be held for 2 weeks such as general manners and attitude, safety and quality and welding method. (The assigned location will be decided after practical training on each plants until end of May)
With passionate newcomers, we commit ourselves to making a fresh start in the upcoming term.