Oct. 26, 2001
Participation in the Tokyo Motor Show

Futaba Kogyo exhibited a product prototype made using aluminum alloy
material as an example of our development activities based on the
theme of “vehicle weight reductions” at the Tokyo Motor Show, which
was held from October 26 (Fri.) to November 7 (Wed.) at Makuhari
Messe in Chiba.
Although many other companies at the event focused technologically on
modular structures and weight reductions, our lightweight instrument
panel member products were a big hit. Futaba Kogyo’s activities were
introduced in the Chugoku Shimbun newspaper on October 27, 2001.
Steering members greatly affect crash performance and steering wheel
vibrations in automobiles. In order to satisfy performance demands in
these two areas, we make use of simulation technology and carry out
optimized verification to achieve weight reductions without sacrificing
product performance. By utilizing knowledge gained, we are able to
propose a steel-aluminum alloy hybrid construction that achieves a 50%
weight reduction.